Black Belt

blackbeltThe Songmoodo Black Belt Program is a group program for dedicated and driven individuals who want high quality martial arts training in a focused 2-3 year curriculum that results in achieving the ultimate degree of Black Belt. Led by our Songmoodo Black Belt Instructors and Grandmaster Song, students participate in progressive training that covers all essential aspects and forms of Songmoodo.

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday classes cover traditional martial arts exercises, forms, self defense, sparring, and discipline. Tuesday and Friday classes cover weapons training and methods. Weapons classes cover nunchaku, bo-staff, sword, sai, kama, and tonfa. Belt/Rank promotion tests are given by Grandmaster Song on a monthly basis. Students are asked to apply based on their level of skill and achievement, and at their own pace.

The Black Belt Program is available to dedicated people that are physically capable of participating in fast-paced fitness activity.

(Consult your doctor before beginning any physical exercise program).