About Grand Master Song

Grandmaster Song’s life has been dedicated to training, teaching and basically living the philosophy of Tae Kwon Do since he was a young boy in South Korea. At three years old he started his training – growing up under the teaching of his legendary master, Yun Sung Do. By nine years old he had earned his blackbelt showing promise of becoming a Tae Kwon Do master himself. That promise has more than proved to be true. Grandmaster Song is an internationally recognized martial arts instructor, referee and examiner. He has taught students all over the world, including secret servicemen, police officers, military officers, body guards and even television and movie stars, working as a choreographer for fight scenes and teaching the amazing kicks of Tae Kwon Do to make the action scenes more exciting.

Known to his students as “Grandmaster,” he has produced many outstanding form and free sparring national and world champions, as well as some of the world’s finest instructors.

His accomplishments include being named “Best Coach of the Year, USA in 1977 and “Best World Instructor” in 1978, President of the International Martial Arts Federation (2001-2002), President of the World Songmoodo Federation (present), author of “Secrets Of Martial Arts” and a long list of military and university instruction successes and accomplishments. Grand Master Song earned two degrees along with other his achievements. He earned a Law Degree and a doctorate in Political Science. He has served as Dean of Physical Science at Union University in Los Angeles, California.

Grandmaster Song brings his wisdom, understanding and vast experience to his teaching at Songmoodo Martial Arts College – which he established in Cumming, GA in 2000 and now resides in Duluth, GA. It is rare to have access to a Grandmaster of Dr. Song’s caliber for such personalized instruction.

Though students train in group format – Dr. Song will help each individual reach their personal goals – whatever level that might be. More often than not, Grandmaster Song will see what lies inside the heart – before the student knows himself – and will help bring out the best in that student.

Anyone seeking the true meaning of training in martial arts will find it at Songmoodo Martial Arts College.