About Song Moo Do

SongMooDo is a martial art based on the teachings of many ancient, secretive, and traditional martial arts. Developed by Dr. Alexander Song, this art builds on the styles and methods of techniques of many different martial arts. This gives the students of SongMooDo knowledge of many arts and philosophies to gain a sense of compleness in training.

SongMooDo is an art that is natural, relaxing, and stress-free to the human body. Through discipline and training, a student of SongMoodo learns to achieve harmony of mind and body and to obtain access to extraordinary power and speed of response.

SongMooDo promotes health, peace of mind, and prosperity. It can help to strengthen your immune and cardiovascular systems and even prevent degenerative conditions such as cancer. It provides balance, alertness, and the awareness to maintain a healthy life.

Practitioners of SongMooDo develop a positive attitude and learn to avoid anything that would reduce their mental growth or physical health. Learn SongMooDo and develop self-discipline to bring out the the best in yourself and others.

SongMooDo teaches you to always do your best and never give up, to obey your parents, seniors, and teachers, and to respect others.

SongMooDo’s teachings rival the finest and most successful martial arts techniques in the world.